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We’re an experienced and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to protect your information and privacy.

GlassSphere is a Global cyber security development and integration company that assists governments, NGOs and large industry organization in identity protection, anonymity, secure vocal communication, data protection, data filtering ,data leak prevention and data encryption. Our leadership successfully spearheads global projects, involving regulated industries and challenging environments, streamlining operations and generating value for our clients. We hold offices in the UK, Spain, Israel and Peru.

Our vast experience in vocal communication and encryption have proven a lynch-pin to our clients’ successful deployments, imparting secure browsing, world – wide encrypted vocal and text messaging as well as data protection. 

We provide users and clients with state – of – the – art, ruggedend point devices with different communication platforms so they can properly operate and have the confidence to execute during both routine times and times of crisis. Our clients are confident that their streaming information, surfing history and identity has not been monitored, followed or infected.

GlassSphere offers the highest levels of performance and ensures long – term sustainable growth for clients by enabling them to continuously operate with their unique needs and priorities, cu stomizing solutions to meet those needs and priorities, and guaranteeing on – time and on – budget implementation and delivery of cyber protection for vocal, text and WEB browsing projects.


Own technology integrated with 3ed party solution


Cutting edge proprietary technologies, with substantial R&D


Experts of cybersecurity, intelligence, communication and IT

Global presence

Privately owned with HQ in the UK, and local offices in Spain and Israel


One of the fastest growing safty and security solution providers

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