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Mr. Gamil Magal


Gamil is seasoned executive with more than 40 years’ experience in the management of large-scale teams, investment in the automotive industry, leading successful business transformations under his role as Group CEO of Magal Engineering until its successful sale. «Arlington Industries Group raises £45million facility for growth and acquires the Magal Engineering Group. Following the acquisition, Arlington Industries Group will have global revenues of more than $230m and over 1,000 employees as it looks to continue its expansion initially via a new purpose-built facility in Slovakia and further acquisitions with a focus in the USA.» Said Mr. Magal.

In 1987, Mr. Magal was part of the management buyout (MBO) of Coventry Pressworks, managing the company until 1997. Here, he turned the company around from a position of regular losses to making a profit. All the while, implementing the Toyota production system and enabling the business to become a showcase for European companies.

He led a turnaround of Rearsby Automotive Ltd, implementing quality systems and lean manufacturing. Mr. Magal took over as MD at Adwest Steering in 1998, once again managing change to breakthrough results in both quality and profitability.
In 2002, Gamil led the MBO of Adwest Engineering, adding a further buyout of Dura Mechanical assemblies.
An expert in transforming companies, Mr. Magal and his team managed to bring Magal Engineering to ‘Best in Class’ status for Achievement, Best SME, Best Financial Performance, Best Innovation and Best Factory awards. Magal Engineering was also ranked 84th in The Sunday Times Top 200 companies for the Fastest UK Company with Overseas Growth.

With his passion for renovation and technology, Mr. Magal has formed Intelligent Vehicle Scan and successfully led its sales around the globe and now serves as the president of GlassSphere.

Mr. Nae-Gamliel is an international level leader, Cyber Security expert, with 20 years of tracked record in the global industry with companies like Orbotech, Martix and Symantech.

Mr. Nae-Gamliel has lead national and international mega projects during his position as the CTO of 2BSecured and cross continent projects in his position as Architect and Innovation Manage at Orbotec.
Mr. Nae-Gamliel has designed protection and cyber defense solutions for Banks, Hospitals, Electricity Companies for internal use, for facing their customers and for IOT deployment. with his extensive knowledge in protocols, networking, regulation and mode of operation, Mr. Nae-Gamliel is a A trusted advisor for CISOs, IT leaders, R&D executives, and product managers.
As an adviser to GlassSphere board, Mr. Nae-Gamliel helps the company with go to market strategy and with technology selection for Email Protection, Froud protection, Content Analysis and Email Threat Isolation. with Information Protection: DLP, MFA, Encryption, Tagging and UEBA and helps the company to collaborate with sales professionals, channel partners and distributors, supporting the process of delivering value to GlassSphere’s customers.

Mr. Adi Nae Gamliel

Advisory to the board

Mr. Jacob Rogel


A technology expert and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Rogel has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the technological leadership of all aspects of medium-size organizations including management of development teams, pre-sales and product definition, operations and manufacturing, industrial and line production management, engineering and loss prevention.

Prior to his position as CTO and founder of GlassSphere Technologies LTD, Mr. Rogel has served as the acting CTO of the RTNC Group, a technology integration and incubation consultancy firm, where he has overseen numerous, large-scale, global, national-level projects and has overseen the successful implementation and integration of myriad technologies.

Mr. Jacob served as the CTO of Dignia systems, a member of the LR group – a global leader and trusted provider of security and defense solutions, with worldwide, governmental-level customers including military and intelligence security organizations as well as law enforcement agencies.

Before joining the LR Group, Mr. Rogel founded and served as the CEO and CTO of Trilogical Technologies, a leader in mobile resource management solutions. All Tri-Logical products and solutions were designed and manufactured in-house, enabling the company to customize the highest quality solutions for its worldwide customers. The companies’ solutions were implemented in large-scale global projects and were used in mission-critical applications by defense & HLS organizations, airport, train and transportation authorities.
Mr. Jacob’s success pushed the company to be recognized as the 8th fastest company in Israel (2007) and among the fast 50 growing companies in Europe in 2008. Leading the successful sale to the Fishman group.

Mr. Rogel holds a BSC in Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Robotics from the Technion, a premier technological institute of higher learning.

Mr. Benzaquen is an expert in digital marketing strategies and information management. Since he started his career start in 1995 Mr. Benzaquen participated and directed projects in various parts of Europe, the United States, Israel and South America, for institutions NGO and iternational organisations like UNWTO, European Commission, Government of Spain and the World Bank.
His degree in Economy accompanied by a second degree in philosophy, has allowed him to manage various knowledge-creating companies related to information management, cybersecurity and the digital economy, where he led the commercial strategy and assisted management in opening of new markets or participated as an investor.

Due to his training and extensive exposure to international projects Mr. Benzaquen has preferred new technology projects. Mr. Benzaquen spends much of his time supporting new entrepreneurs, investing in new companies, analyzing their future viability and help management creating marketing and products road map for markets in Europe, Israel and South America.

As director of marketing, Mr. Benzaquen is responsible for go-to-market strategy of GlassSphere to LATAM and the Spanish speaking countries. Mr. Benzaquen has already managed to generate impressive contacts, on government level, for GlassSphere.

Mr. Benzaquen has studies in economics and philosophy, with specializations in political economy, international finance and strategic marketing.
Mr. Benzaquen currently participates in non-profit organizations and supports various cultural institutions.

Mr. Shalom Benzaquen

Latin America, Spain and Andora marketing manager

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